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Washington County, New York

Washington County, New York

Not to be confused with the Town of Washington in Dutchess County, New York.

Washington County is a county in New York State. It is a small and rural county located in the eastern part of New York. The State of Vermont forms its eastern border. The Hudson River and Lake George form the western border. It was formed in 1772 and named after George Washington, Founding Father and first President of the United States. Washington County consists of seventeen towns and covers eight hundred and forty-six square miles., the total population was approximately 60,000.

Traffic Tickets in Washington County

The busiest road in Washington County is US-Route 4 (US-4). This road runs northeast and southwest through the northern edge of the county. Taking this road northbound brings you to Vermont. Heading south will take you to I-87 in Warren County. This road is the source of many traffic stops, specifically for speeding infractions. The speed limit on US-4 is 55 miles per hour. Drivers clocked in the 65 to 85 mile per hour range are often pulled aside on this road. Some other roads worth mentioning are New York State Route 22 (NYS-22), New York State Route 29 (NYS-29) and New York State Route 372 (NYS-372). NYS-22 is the county's main north and south local road. NYS-29 is the main east and west bound road that runs along the BattenKill River. NYS-372 connects the other roads together, heading northwest and southeast. NYS-22 and NYS-29 meet in Greenwich Junction, just south of Salem. Besides speeding, traffic stops are conducted for various other violations. Some examples include texting or calling while driving, unsafe passing, and driving with suspended driving privileges.

County roads are patrolled by the New York State Police and the Washington County Sheriff's Department. Both can issue citations made answerable to any of the town justice courts.

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If you were issued a ticket in Washington County, you should think about fighting it. Fighting the ticket often results in lowered fines and points. An attorney from the Benjamin Goldman Law Office can assist you with this. They can submit a not guilty plea on your behalf, deal with the court in your place, and try to ensure that the ticket is reduced so it lessens the impact on your driving record. Letting an attorney from the Benjamin Goldman Law Office handle your ticket is the easiest way to make sure you keep costs low all around.

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List of Justice Courts in Washington County, New York

Below is a list of all the Justice Courts we serve in Washington County.

Argyle Town Court

Cambridge Town Court

Cambridge Village Court

Dresden Town Court

Easton Town Court

Fort Ann Town Court

Fort Edward Town Court

Fort Edward Village Court

Granville Town Court

Granville Village Court

Greenwich Town Court

Greenwich Village Court

Hampton Town Court

Hartford Town Court

Hebron Town Court

Jackson Town Court

Kingsbury Town Court

Putnam Town Court

Salem Town Court

White Creek Town Court

Whitehall Town Court