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Oswego County, New York

Oswego County, New York

Oswego County is a county in New York State. It is in the central part of New York State, north of the City of Syracuse. Lake Ontario forms the western boundary of the county. , Oswego County was home to approximately 116,000 residents. The county consists of twenty-two towns and two cities. Within the county, there is also a Town of Oswego and a City of Oswego.

Traffic Tickets in Oswego County

The majority of charged traffic violations in Oswego County are on Interstate 81 (I-81). This interstate highway is 854 miles long, running north-south between Alexandria Bay at the Canadian border and Knoxville, Tennessee. It runs straight through the middle of Oswego County. In New York, the I-81 is patrolled by New York State Police. They conduct traffic stops for various violations, such as failure to move over and following too closely. The most cited violation is speeding. The speed limit on the 1-81 is 65 mph, but motorists are often exceeding the speed limit, mostly unintentionally.

The I-81 runs through the jurisdiction of various towns of Oswego County. Each of these towns has a justice court that adjudicates all traffic violations charged in their town. The exact location of the alleged violation will determine in which court the trooper will file your ticket.

Some county roads that also see frequent traffic stops are New York State Route 3, New York State Route 13, New York State Route 48, New York State Route 49, New York State Route 69, New York State Route 104, New York State Route 104B and New York State Route 481 (the Veterans Memorial Highway). County roads can be patrolled by state police, county sheriffs, or the local police department.

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List of Justice Courts in Oswego County, New York

Below is a list of all the Justice Courts we service in Oswego County.