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Onondaga County, New York

Onondaga County, New York

Onondaga County (pronounced uh-nin-dah-ga) is a county in New York State. It is in the Central New York region., Onondaga County was home to approximately 457,131 residents. It makes up eight hundred and six square miles. The county encompasses nineteen towns and the City of Syracuse. The county was formed in 1794 and named after the Onondaga Native American tribe.

Traffic Tickets in Onondaga County

The City of Syracuse and its suburbs have the busiest traffic courts in Onondaga County. This is because of the interstate highways that pass through the area. The largest would be Interstate 90 (New York State Thruway), which runs across the entire county. The I-690 branches off the I-90 and runs into downtown Syracuse. The I-81 runs north-south through the entire county. The I-481 branches off the I-81 and circles Syracuse via its suburbs. A plethora of state, county and US Routes run through the area as well.

The interstates are exclusively patrolled by the New York State Police. Tickets issued on the interstates are adjudicated by local courts. Which court you must appear in depends on where on the interstate you received your ticket. Speeding is the most issued charge on highways. The speed limit on the interstate in New York never exceeds 65 mph.

Traffic stops also occur on the town, village and city roads. On local roads, citations can be issued by a local law enforcement agency, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department, or New York State Police.

If you have received a ticket anywhere in Onondaga County, we encourage you to speak with an attorney at the Benjamin Goldman Law Office. A traffic violation conviction can be costly. New York State has one of the highest average fines in the US. More importantly, a violation appearing on your driving record typically causes dramatic increases in insurance rates. It does not matter if you have a license from New York State or another state.

The good news is, there are methods of ensuring you are not convicted of the charge on the ticket. Getting the violation reduced, modified, or dismissed, will save you money in the short run and the long run. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to attend court with your attorney. You can fight your ticket without stepping foot into a courtroom. It is also not necessary for you to have a defense to the charges against you. This is your attorney’s job. Contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office to find out more. Consultations are free.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office P.C. has been fighting traffic tickets in Onondaga County since 2011. We are a highly rated defense firm that leaves no unturned stone on behalf of our clients. Our attorneys have been able to obtain significant reductions or dismissals on behalf of our clients. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is more qualified than most other law firms to handle your ticket because we deal with traffic law exclusively. We know all the intricacies of this very nuanced field and are familiar with its legal loopholes . Let us discuss your ticket in detail and brief you on what you can expect by retaining our firm.

List of Justice Courts in Onondaga County, New York

Below is a list of all the Justice Courts we serve in Onondaga County.

Baldwinsville Village Court

Camillus Town Court

Cicero Town Court

Clay Town Court

DeWitt Town Court

East Syracuse Village Court

Eldbridge Town Court

Fabius Town Court

Fayetteville Village Court

Geddes Town Court

Jordan Village Court

LaFayette Town Court

Liverpool Village Court

Lysander Town Court

Manlius Town Court

Manlius Village Court

Marcellus Town Court

Minoa Village Court

Onondaga Town Court

Otisco Town Court

Pompey Town Court

Salina Town Court

Skaneateles Town Court

Solvay Village Court

Spafford Town Court

Syracuse City Court

Tully Town Court

Van Buren Town Court