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Canadian Residents With Speeding Tickets In NY

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

Canadian residents need to ensure that they are calculating the kilometers per hour while driving in New York. Canadian cars are typically outfitted with a kilometer per hour speedometer. A kilometer is smaller than a mile so a driver traveling a certain speed will cover more kilometers than miles. This means someone driving 75 kilometers per hour is not driving as fast as someone driving 75 miles per hour. Canadian residents frequently run into problems in the United States due to innocent mistakes with the kilometer to mile conversion.

Confusion between the two measurements can result in prohibitive speeding tickets. In New York traffic ticket fines can be very costly. Making matters worse is that New York reciprocated with Ontario and Quebec so violations in New York will result in demerit points in Canada and can also affect your insurance premiums.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a New York traffic ticket defense firm. We frequently assist Canadian residents with speeding tickets in New York. If you received such a ticket feel free to contact our firm for a complimentary consultation.